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BMDS Exhibits at 61st National AALAS Meeting


BMDS President, Mr. Neil Campbell announced that the company will attend and be an exhibitor at the annual AALAS convention.  “BMDS is a proud supporter of AALAS and its mission,” Campbell said today, “and we’re happy to continue our long term relationship both as a member and exhibitor.  During these tough times of economic belt tightening, it’s encouraging to see new faces among the crowd.  Turnout has exceeded our expectations.”

BMDS has reason to be excited; the company has just announced a new website with a bigger desktop footprint and a heavy dose of enriched media that will enhance the experience for visitors, and stimulate repeated virtual traffic.  

Coinciding with the website announcement, the company has recently released an enhanced wireless product line, the lab proven 7000 series of handheld readers, offering advanced design features in compact, rugged, ergonomic form factors, and two distinct scan-head shapes, permitting the selection of task-specific scanners.  Straight style scanners features a narrower scanning field most appropriate for tight applications such as pointing into a rodent cages to read transponders, while the round heads provide a broader scanning field, useful with isolated, stationary or larger animals.

Since the mid-1980’s, BMDS has applied advanced technology to create fully integrated systems designed to automate gathering, recording and validating research data to satisfy the requirements of Toxicologists, Research Technicians, and IT Managers.  Today, record keeping and data validation are absolutely critical.  Regulating agency audits make the turnkey automated solutions even more valuable, and BMDS systems provides researchers with good data, preventing the misidentification of even one laboratory animal.

BMDS has been an exhibitor at the annual National AALAS Meeting every year since 1987, and 2010 is no exception.  Recognized as a leading vendor to the laboratory science, toxicology, and pharmaceutical communities, BMDS offers a comprehensive line of advanced products that provide the safest, and most accurate means of identifying research animals available.  AALAS is a nonprofit membership association, providing the premier forum for the exchange of information and expertise in the care and use of animals.  This year, the 61st National AALAS Meeting will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA, October 10—14.