New 8000 Series

Family of Products

Among the comprehensive array of BMDS reader-programmers, each boasting various capabilities and features, there is an instrument designed to work within every budget to provide positive animal identification and assure data validation at every level.  These innovative data acquisition and processing tools automate animal identification and associated data collection, and provide a smooth path to data transfer and computer integration, enhancing user convenience at every stage.  

Each system enables users to work in manners of their own choosing, accomplishing similar laboratory tasks using individual methods, and achieving varying degrees of efficiency according to the sophistication of the selected system.  There are a host of options; choice is paramount.  Reader systems range from simple hand-held bed-check readers to the DAS-8001 Console, a complete, fully functional data acquisition system.

When you combine over 30 years of experience in data collection with innovative design, add in a desire for ease of use and a multitude of functions, you will get the new DAS-8000 Series. Designed to work with either BMDS read only transponders (IMI) or BMDS programmable transponders (IPT, IPTT). 

Switching between transponder types, is accomplished by a simple probe change, which can be done, on the fly,  with no need to change setup parameters.

Giving you the choice, wired or wireless configurations, the new 8000 series can be customized to fit any application, and type of study. We are excited to introduce these innovative new products, along with the IMI-500, our latest in Micro-Transponder technology.

The new models include DAS-8001, DAS-8010, DAS-8020, paired with a DAS-8004 or DAS-8005, and the wireless DAS-8006, DAS-8007.

Please download the product line brochure for more detailed product information, or call us at 1-800-526-BMDS.