A Powerful Communications Software to Manage Animal ID Data


Route and control data. Receive, control and route data to other places and insert data into any application. Route the data to be stored in a text file or to a keyboard as a software-based keyboard wedge to be received within popular spreadsheet applications. View data in one or multiple lines and dynamically resize data in a large one-line display to view from a distance.

File saving options. Save data to a file or directly into widely used applications such as popular spreadsheet applications—or virtually any Windows program you use.

Serial and USB port options. DASHost uses two serial ports to connect data from a peripheral device such as a BMDS transponder to your personal computer. Use either DASHost’s serial ports or USB-to-serial-port connectivity options as long as the USB serial ports show up as COM devices in the operating system.

Convenient software “keyboard wedge.” DASHost allows you to send data through a Windows keyboard into most any compatible Window’s application such as popular spreadsheet applications. This feature allows DASHost to operate with any software application that can accept keyboard typing as the receiver of data from a serial port.

Connect your PC to BMDS Smart Probe scanners. DASHost can connect your personal computer with series 6000 readers as well as the DAS-7006 and DAS-7007 R/S models.

Mapping ID codes. Mapping with DASHost enables you to define your own ID codes instead of pre-set factory codes for incoming data from standard IMI or programmed to IPTT & IPT transponders. Use DASHost to create, edit, sort and save a map file record, establish data delimiters (one or more characters that specifies how to break up data fields coming into the computer’s serial port).

Collect data from various sources. Collect data measurements from scales and electronic calipers, among other peripheral devices.