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Programming Booster Coils

Introduction: BMDS has received from its engineering laboratories an advanced technology device that dramatically improves reading and programming an IPT-300 programmable and IPTT-300 programmable temperature transponder while in the stainless steel needle. The device is designed specifically to work with the RSP-6005DAS-7007r, and DAS-7009 handheld reader systems. The device is called a "Programming Booster Coil".

Description: Molded with high engineering polycarbonate plastic the device houses a precision resonating coil and circuit that amplify and direct the reader's energy. The device is designed to allow the transponder needle assembly to be inserted into the coil and held in place (hands free) in a predetermined optimal position during programming. Ergonomically designed for ease of use in any laboratory environment, it makes gloved programming a more streamlined operation. This adapter like device snaps on to the scanning head of the reader and requires no additional connections. Once the device is used for the programing procedure it can be easily removed and stored. After the transponder is placed in the animal and is out of the needle, normal scanning can commence with no changes to reader setup or adjustments.

How do I get one or more: Please call BMDS customer service 302 628 4100. Or email the BMDS Sales Staff here. Ask for new product "Programming Booster Coil" and a representative will process your request.

*Pricing available upon request.

If you would like more information please go to the RSP-6004/5, DAS-7006/7r or DAS-7008/9 sections of the BMDS website.