LADS-100m Full


Convenient.  Durable.  Safe. 

A robust platform designed to make dosing and weighing large animals easy.

Specifically developed for the biomedical research environment, the LADS-100m is an ergonomic mobile workstation expressly created to facilitate safe handling, dosing, and weighing of large animals such as dogs and primates. Accommodating a broad a range of personal computers, monitors and digital devices, you can outfit it your way; this task-specific fundamental design is a premier solution, ready for application to a broad segment of the lab community.  

Without peer, the LADS-100 ergonomic mobile workstation is a unique, high quality, and long lasting cart system that simplifies large animal handling, dosing, weighing and data collection, helping you perform these critical functions quickly, safely, and reliably—year after year. 

Compact size.  Designed for flexibility. Efficient design and a minimum, space-saving footprint make the LADS-100m lab-friendly—even for space-challenged facilities—and the 6105-T5 High Tensile Strength Aluminum frame construction provides strength and durability for years of reliable service.  Even when handling heavy specimens, the low center of gravity and rock-steady brakes provide a secure basis for confidence-inspiring stability.  

Custom design solutions to match your workflow. BMDS has a long history of providing custom solutions, responding to the particular needs of a client when off the shelf solutions fall short of the mark. Designed and constructed with a strong T-slot Aluminum frame and high-tech materials offering creative flexibility, we can readily engineer the LADS-100m to provide custom solutions to satisfy your needs, even if it is as simple as a larger keyboard tray . . . Click here or call us directly to explore options.