Simplify your workflow with a custom designed solution.

BMDS can customize the LADS-100m to fit your specific needs. If you have a custom application you would like to discuss with us, click here.

Smart features, labor-efficient ergonomics.  A spring loaded hinged door encloses a 1-shelf cabinet for accessories.  Standard features also include a 30-foot long AC power cable and a 5-outlet power strip (inside the storage cabinet).  A durable plastic weighing box designed to hold specimens for placement on the scale is a popular accessory, available optionally. 

Ready to configure your way. Monitor, Scale Display, Keyboard, Scale and weight are customer-furnished, and featured here for illustration purposes only.

Quality components.  Quality construction. This purpose-built mobile processing cart transports your large animal dosing, weighing, and data collection equipment to a convenient site, saving time and minimizing effort. Large polyurethane casters—4 inches in diameter x 1.25 inches wide—enable the cart to glide across most surfaces with little more than fingertip effort. The casters beneath the weighing platform are inline, while the two swivel casters beneath the push-surface handle provide steering. Once positioned, the foot operated pedals of total lock braking secure the cart in place, and the 18-inch square weighing platform is wide and safe to step on while holding an animal. Conveniently, the monitor, scale display and keyboard tray rotate 360 degrees simultaneously, and the Smart Probe holder may be mounted on either the right and/or left side of the keyboard tray.