MEO-6000m Front

A Convenient Mobile Equipment Organizer.

Simplifying workflow, the lightweight MEO-6000m is a mobile platform designed to provide an efficient well organized workstation at your work site, even if it’s only across the aisle. 

Design flexibility delivers user preferred ergonomic options. A welcome addition to any lab—and the newest cart in our product line—the MEO-6000m accommodates a variety of personal computer form factors, and the multi-tier layout provides generous space for all of your digital devices and accessories for the job at hand. Convenient top work surface trays overlap the frame and reposition easily left to right to maximize workflow advantages or to better accommodate user preference. The second shelf is ideally situated for an electronic balance or similar devices.

A MEO-6000m organized with all the data collection and processing tools typically required—ready to travel across the hall or across the facility—is an ultimate step-saver, and an expedient time-saver that you will employ day after day.

Configured just for you. Dual mounting posts extend vertically above the top work surface and provide adjustable ergonomically desirable locations for securing flat screen displays, keyboard, hand-held scanners and other RFID reader system components. An enclosed storage compartment—below the second shelf—conceals other electronics such as optional CPUʼs and additional equipment behind sliding doors.

Compact size. With a footprint of approximately six square feet (35.5 inches long by 24.5 inches wide), the space-conscious MEO-6000m mobile workstation is lab-friendly, suitable for even the most space challenged facilities.