Simplify your workflow with a custom designed solution.

BMDS can customize the MEO-6000m to fit your specific needs. If you have a custom application you would like to discuss with us, click here.

Easy cleaning.  Custom configurations.  The MEO-6000m features easy-to-clean removable and interchangeable stainless steel trays, and the T-slot frame construction and mounting posts provide flexible ergonomic mounting options—placing keyboard, screen, ID scanner, and other RFID reader system components at the proper height—and allowing space for affixing additional accessories as you choose.

Self contained.  Self sufficient.   Roll up, plug in, and go to work. Once your MEO-6000m is configured the way you want, everything you need is at hand.  A twenty-five foot AC cable and two 5-outlet power strips (inside the cabinet) are standard features.  International models are available upon request. 

Superior components. Superior satisfaction.  Constructed of strong, durable, lightweight materials, the MEO-6000m glides easily across almost any floor surface on four large (5 inches in diameter x 2 inches wide) polyurethane swivel casters, two of which are locking. Structural rigidity and design flexibility are derived from the effective combination of the 6105-T5 High Tensile Strength Aluminum frame, stainless steel shelving and the high pressure laminate Trespa panels. The MEO-6000m positions features at your fingertips and encourages personalizing the workspace, enhancing efficiency and boosting user satisfaction.  A mobile workstation is an invaluable asset in the lab, and makes many of the daily repetitive and routine tasks easier.