Accurate Temperature Reading Fail-Safe Identification. And More. Gather More Data with Less Expense

IPT-300 Life Ring

Data integrity and security. The IPTT-300 is especially engineered to protect valuable data. A user-controlled “write-protect” feature enables a researcher to prevent data from being modified or erased. A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) algorithm developed by BMDS detects accidental errors within the IPTT-300 and corrects them.

IPT-300 SafeSafe, long-term storage. The transponder can remain with a tissue sample on long-term storage, simplifying after-life record retention and further ensuring accuracy of studies for decades.

IPT-300 Check

Non-adverse reactions. Independent studies confirm that two years after implantation, the physiological reaction to the transponder is completely non-adverse. In test cases, tissue surrounding the transponder are healthy. Equally, no changes in the surface characteristics of the transponder’s glass, microchip, or polypropylene sheath were observed. 

IPT-300 Transponder DataBaseProgram codes to create your research database. 

The IPTT-300 is a read/write chip, enabling you to program up to 32 alphanumeric characters in any coding sequence. This transforms each IPTT-300 transponder into a “mini-database” of information on a laboratory animal. A range of data can be programmed in a sequence such as study number, genotype, investigator name, project number and animal date-of-birth, among others. For added flexibility, the transponder may be programmed in the needle assembly or after implantation.

Easy technical adoption. The IPTT-300 and BMDS Reader Systems are easy to use and do not require in-depth technical training to perform temperature measurements safely and accurately. Transmit its data to a BMDS 6000, or 7000 series Reader-Programmer that collects and displays this data and combines it into a single database format.

Temperature Recording. The IPTT-300 is the industries first and only implantable programmable temperature transponder. Factory calibrated range of 90 F—100 F (32 C—43 C) the IPTT-300 gives an accurate temperature reading, each time, every time.

IPTT-300 Thermometer