Technical specifications

Physical Characteristics

Housed in durable molded plastic

Weight: 1.6 lbs

Length: 7.75 inches

Width: 5.20 inches at widest

Height: 1.75 inches


Metal Dome Membrane keypad

Smart Probe

DAS-6002 uses BMDS Smart Probe SP-6004/5 and DAS-6006/7 to scan BMDS IMI, IPT and IPTT transponders. Switch between IMI, IPT and IPTT transponders without changing setup options by simply changing probes. Transponders are non-contact, proximity programming/reading.


Easy reading Vacuum Fluorescent Display is brighter with wider viewing angle than the typical LCD. Viewing area measures 82.7 mm x 19.0 mm with a display format of 16 characters wide by 2 lines high.

Power Source

Line - 100 to 240 VAX input, 12 volt DC, 1.2 Amp output external power supply Battery Power - 4000mAH Lithium battery for over 12 hours of continuous operation

Functional Firmware Capabilities

Data collection user definable Multiple Programming, edit and lock functions Load function control between serial devices, flash cards, and internal memory System summary screen Utilities, system setup, special functions, view and edit, read only or read/write transponder mode selection







Data Serial Ports

RJ11 Probe Input – To use all BMDS Smart Probes RS-232 Serial Input Ports - To connect additional input devices (i.e. scales, bar- code, calipers)

PS-2 Keyboard Input - To connect a standard PS-2 computer style keyboard PS-2 Keyboard Output - Allows collected data to be output in standard keyboard format

USB Device Output - Permits data output to appear as a keystroke in USB equipped computer USB Standard Output - Allows unit to act as a “serial data source” for data interfacing or unit control

RS232 Serial Output Port - Main serial port for receiv- ing data & for Smart Probe in the by-pass mode


Software Compatibility

Compatible with DASHost Software

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Mac OS X with use of emulation software

Many popular lab tracking software