Technical specifications

Physical Characteristics

Housed in durable molded plastic

Weight: 2.4 lbs

Width: : 3.79 inches

Depth: 1.90 inches

Height: 5.80 inches

Smart Probe

DAS-6003 uses BMDS Smart Probe SP-6004/5, RSP-6004/5, and RR-6004/5 to scan BMDS IMI, IPT and IPTT transponders. Switch between IMI, IPT and IPTT transponders without changing setup options by simply changing probes. Transponders are non-contact, proximity programming/reading.


Easy reading Vacuum Fluorescent Display is brighter with wider viewing angle than the typical LCD. Viewing area measures 51.36 mm x 11.40 mm with a display format of 16 characters wide by 2 lines high.

Power Source

Line - 100 to 240 VAX input, 12 volt DC, 1.2 Amp output external power supply






Data Serial Ports

RJ11 Smart Probe Input – To use all BMDS Smart Probes, plus a DB-9 connector Two (2) RS-232 Serial Input Ports - To connect additional input devices (i.e. scales, barcode, calipers) PS-2 Keyboard Input - To connect a standard PS-2 computer style keyboard

PS-2 Keyboard Output - Allows collected data to be output in standard keyboard format USB Device Output - Permits data output to appear as a keystroke in USB equipped computer

USB Standard Output - Allows unit to act as a “serial data source” for data interfacing or unit control RS232 Serial Output Port - Main serial port for receiving data & for Smart Probe in the by-pass mode


Software Compatibility

Compatible with DASHost Software

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Mac OS X with use of emulation software

Many popular lab tracking software