A reader-programmer system for every handheld Smart probe

If you’re tight for space, the DAS-6010 fits snugly into laboratory table tops and mobile equipment carts. Featuring a rugged, compact design and flexible data connection options, the DAS-6010 seamlessly connects to all DAS-6000 Smart Probes, and can dynamically route your transponder data to external data management systems such as a PC.

Transmit to almost any peripheral. While engineered to be a functional stand-alone device, the DAS-6010 also can serve as a hub in a larger data collection system by transmitting real-time to personal computers and other digital devices using the unit’s data ports. This enables a formatted database of transponder data to be transferred directly into a word processing or spreadsheet document. 

Enhance setup and data importing with DASHost. You can use the BMDS software program DASHost with the DAS-6010 to expand your setup of Smart Probes and scanning options, expand your database capabilities through a PC and import data into popular spreadsheet products. 

Program Smart Probes and Transponders.

The DAS-6010 can be programmed to read and collect data from BMDS Smart Probe scanners (SP-6004/6005, RSP-6004/6005, and RR-6004/6005) and collect data from a range of industry-leading BMDS transponders that transmit identification and temperature data such as the Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder (IPTT), the read/write non-temperature sensitive IPT and BMDS’s popular IMI ‘read-only’ transponder.


USB port enables PC and PDA compatibility. Plug the DAS-6010 into a PC or PDA and output data appears as a keystroke.

Designed for easy adoption. The DAS-6010 is easy to train users to master its basic data collection operations. A Smart Probe, easily connected to an adjacent DAS-6010, reads implanted or needle-based BMDS transponders for identification and temperature data—depending on the transponder model deployed, and sends this data back to the DAS-6010. 

Smart Firmware updates. BMDS provides firmware updates to enhance the input/output data collection capabilities of the DAS-6010.