A Ring Reader Smart Probe Ideal for Biohazard Workbenches

Ideal for biohazard workbenches or carts, the RR-6004/5 Ring Reader Smart Probes are designed to be used in conjunction with the DAS-6000 series reader-programmers, including the DAS-6001, 6003, 6008, 6010 systems. The DAS-6000 reader-programmers collect transponder data from BMDS Smart Probes, organizes it within a database format, and shares this data with a broad range of personal computers and digital devices. 

Designed in two models based on your data collection objectives, you determine which Smart Probe you use based on the transponder type required for your laboratory project. The RR-6004 is used for the standard Implantable Micro Identification (IMI) transponder, while the RR-6005 collects data from the Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder (IPTT) and the read/write non-temperature sensitive IPT.

Select temperature mode with the RR-6005. The RR-6005 allows you to simultaneously read an Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder(IPTT) ID code and temperature and define the temperature units you want to use.

Programming/Writing with the RR-6005. With the RR-6005, you can write, edit and lock data in the “read/write” Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder(IPTT) or its non-temperature sensitive IPT version using DASHost. Use the Auto Mode in DASHost™ to automatically “write” ID codes for a group of transponders.

Smart Firmware updates. BMDS provides firmware updates to the software program that controls the operations of the Smart Probes.

Optional data management with DASHost.

You can use the BMDS software program DASHost to remotely control Smart Probes, including creating data collection configurations through a PC and importing data into popular spreadsheet products. DASHost provides a convenient interface of menus enabling you to view and change the RR-6004/6005 settings such as establishing data delimiters and audio preferences. You can also use DASHost to setup and access map files you’ve created to organize your own ID codes you’ve programmed into the Smart Probes. Easily clear a map that was sent to a Smart Probe as well as enable the Probe to transfer a map file to a PC.