Portable Handheld Scanner Reader System. The DAS-6002—Smaller. Lighter. As Reliable and Accurate as it’s Always Been.

A generation of researchers has trusted the DAS-6002 to meet their data collection needs. Featuring a portable hand-held scanner and innovative data collection capabilities, the DAS-6002 is reader-programmer designed to be a complete, fully-functional data acquisition system. Seamlessly integrated with all BMDS Smart Probes and transponders, the DAS-6002 collects transponder data from BMDS Smart Probes, organizes it within a database format, and shares this data with a broad range of personal computers and digital devices.

Portable, Hand-Held Size. With a small, hand-held size, and light plastic encasing, the DAS-6002 seamlessly connects to Smart Probes, allowing a researcher to walk through a lab easily gathering data from transponders.

Easily edit and program data. The DAS-6002 features all of its controls on a front panel, making it easy to program transponders and edit data. An enhanced Vacuum Fluorescent Display is easy to read, featuring a convenient help menu, two large character lines of viewing, a higher fluorescent brightness level and innovative wide-view angle than typical reader screens.

Barcodes made easy. Featuring a unique ergonomic shape integrating a built-in barcode scanner, the DAS-6002 also scans and displays barcodes as another line of data directly into the Vacuum Fluorescent Display.

Memory card slot enhances flexibility. A standard memory card slot can be used to load data from the DAS-6002’s internal memory. A memory card be programmed on a computer to map a database format or create a special script that configures the DAS-6002 in a particular setup to collect data from transponders.

A port for every data task. The DAS-6002 features seven data ports to fit most every data connection need. The Probe input port connects to BMDS Smart Probes that read transponders. The A and B serial ports collect data measurements from scales and electronic calipers as well as a separate barcode reader. A USB port connects to personal computers and other digital devices. With the PS-2 port connection, a keyboard can be plugged directly into the DAS-6002.