DAS-6010 Front

A Flexible Data Acquisition System for Mobile Carts

With a compact size, the DAS-6010 is ideal for table top or mobile equipment carts and seamlessly connects to the Smart Probe handheld scanners. Featuring an all-aluminum machined housing enclosure, the DAS-6010 design is inherently strong, manufactured to operate in diverse and harsh work environments.

Use with any DAS-6000 Smart Probe. Connect any BMDS DAS-6000 Smart Probe to the DAS-6010, including the SP-6004/6005, RSP-6004/6005, and RR-6004/6005.

Two ports for your data managements tasks. The DAS-6010 features three ports to fit every data connection need. The probe input port connects to BMDS Smart Probes that read transponders. A serial port can collect data measurements from scales and electronic calipers as well as a barcode reader. A USB port connect to personal computers and other digital devices. Both data communication ports feature opto-isolation, preventing interference from noisy data lines found in typical computers.

LEDs illuminate power and port status. LEDs (light-emitting diodes) on the front panel indicate system and Smart Probe power usage. Port indicators light up when a USB or serial port device has been activated.