DAS-7006s Front

A Reader System Handheld System for Wireless Roaming. Stand Alone, or as an accessory to our 8000 series reader programers.

The DAS-7006/7s is an innovative three-in-one wireless scanner system—a reader system wand, a powerful charging stand and compact wireless communications module—that is ideal for wireless data collection. Seamlessly integrated with all BMDS transponders and DAS-8000 series reader-programmers, the DAS-7006/7s Reader System read and process data from BMDS transponders and transmit this data to DAS-8000 reader-programmers be organized within a database format. Here’s how it works: The handheld Reader System scans BMDS transponders and stores this data internally for further upload or transmits it to the wireless communications module via wireless link up. Using any of the three serial ports, the wireless communications module can transmit received data to a PC, via USB keyboard or to a DAS-8000 series reader-programmer. The DAS-7006/7s includes a charging base that also serves as a convenient stand for the Reader System.

Designed in two models based on your data collection objectives, you determine which Reader System you use based on the transponder type required for your laboratory project. The DAS-7006s is used for the standard Implantable Micro Identification (IMI) transponder, while the DAS-7007s collects data from the Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder (IPTT) and the read/write non-temperature sensitive IPT.

Straight, Lightweight Wand.
With a straight 11-inch wand and narrow scanning field appropriate for tight situations such as pointing into a cage to read transponders, the DAS-7006/7s features a compact case design affording greater impact resistance. (In addition to the straight scanner design, if you need a broader, circular scanning field for isolated, stationary or larger animals, the companion DAS-7006/7r features a round scanning head.)

Wireless data transfer. The companion wireless communications module provides two-way data transfer to and from the Reader System, converting data to one of three output formats: Serial USB, Keyboard USB and BMDS DAS-8000 series reader-programmers. To enhance workflow flexibility, the wireless communications module may be moved away from the charging stand to remote locations, such as near a computer or separate DAS unit; it does not require a separate power supply, instead drawing power directly from the connected device.

Enhanced Scanner Memory and LED display. The DAS-7006/7s Handheld stores multiple scans that can be conveniently viewed in an easy-to-read, super-bright 12-character LED display with signal strength indicators.

Dependable, long-lasting power. An advanced rechargeable lithium-ion microprocessor-controlled battery provides dependable long-lasting power. For convenient hands-free use, the scanner remains fully functional while docked vertically in the recharging stand. Recharging is fully automatic.

Complete, automated integration of RF data. Why call them “Reader Systems”? Because the RF processing of animal IDs and associated date takes place within the DAS-7006/7s Reader System and can be seamlessly integrated with DAS-8000 reader-programmers and connected PCs. The DAS-7006/7s Reader System feature microprocessors that can be programmed with a DAS-8000 reader-programmer to read and process RF data directly from a transponder and process it within a database format.

Scan in two convenient modes. The Reader System feature two scan mode buttons at your fingertips. An auto scan mode directs the Reader System to automatically scan for a transponder every 2-3 seconds, allowing a researcher to gather data rapidly from many transponders within a close location. With the manual scan mode, the Reader System only reads transponder data when the scan buttons are pressed.

Two versions for BMDS transponders. The Reader Systems are designed in two models based on the transponder you use. The DAS-7006s Reader System works with the the standard Implantable Micro Identification (IMI) transponder. Operate the DAS-7007s Reader System with the Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder (IPTT) and the read/write non-temperature sensitive IPT.