Compact Reader System

The tiny DAS-7010 paired with your favorite Smart Probe forms the smallest, simplest implantable transponder reader system in the BMDS lineup.

Each DAS-7010 features a single Smart Probe input connect or and two USB outputs,one a Keyboard Output and the other, a Serial Data Output. Keyboard Output is particularly useful with applications requiring direct data insertion within form fields. The Serial Data Output connection is helpful for larger data uploads, probe setup and programs requiring data input via serial port entry. Both ports derive power directly from their connection, reducing computer RF noise interference and enabling Smart Probe power-down or disconnect without effecting port recognition. With the Smart Probe in Auto Mode, central power switching—a simple but important feature permits the large switch to power the DAS-7010 up and down without dis- turbing probe settings.

Advanced power processing maximizes read distance and performance, and standard probe cables permit easy connection and system re- configuration. All data lines are fully opto-iso- lated to minimize any computer interference, and the DAS-7010 is fully compatible with the expanded features in the Smart Probe Tool Set provided with the optional BMDS DASHost software utility program.

The compact DAS-7010 provides maximum in- stallation flexibility, including mounting directly to the Smart Probe. BMDS offers a number of op- tional mounts and brackets to install and use as you choose, on-board or separately, many feet away.