RR-6004_5 Main

A Ring-Shaped, Fully-Integrated Data Acquisition Probe

Featuring a large “ring” scanning area that easily reads difficult-to-read animals, the RR 6004/6005 Ring Reader is ideal for use on biohazard workbenches, in rodent skin-paint studies and with transgenic rodents. 

Seamlessly integrated with all BMDS transponders and DAS-6000 series reader-programmers, the RR-6004 and RR-6005 Smart Probes read and process data from BMDS transponders and transmit this data to DAS-6000 reader-programmers to be organized within a database format.

A large circular, ring scanner. Designed with a large circular hole as a scanner, the RR-6004 and RR-6005 Smart Probes feature two large receive coils—one on either side of the main power coil—to produce equal energy fields on each side of the opening, thereby assuring a positive read. Simply pass difficult-to-read animals through the opening to scan ID and other associated data.

Slim, flat panel design. Read and process data with a slim, lightweight panel with a circular hole scanner (11.5” height x 6.25” width x only 2” depth) that can be seamlessly connected to serve as a scanning “tunnel” within interconnected cages.

Flexible deployment options. The RR-6004 and RR-6005 Smart Probes are ergonomically designed to provide you with multiple mounting options. Use it in a workbench or on a cart, mounted upright, or over a weighing bowl. Three convenient threaded mounting holes provide custom mounting solutions.

Scan in two convenient modes. The Smart Probes features two scan mode buttons at your fingertips. An auto scan mode directs the Smart Probe to automatically scan for a transponder every 2-3 seconds, allowing a researcher to gather data rapidly from many transponders within a close location. With the manual scan mode, the Smart Probe only reads transponder data when the scan buttons are pressed.

Complete, automated integration of RF data. Why call them “Smart Probes”? Because the RF processing of animal IDs and associated data takes place within the RR-6004 and RR-6005 Smart Probes and is seamlessly integrated with DAS-6000 reader-programmers and connected PCs. The RR-6004 and RR-6005 Smart Probes  feature microprocessors that can be programmed with a DAS-6000 reader-programmer to read and process RF data directly from a transponder and process it within a database format. The RR-6004/5 must be powered by a DAS-6000 reader-programmer.

Two versions for BMDS transponders. The Smart Probes are designed in two models based on the transponder you use. The RR-6004 Smart Probe works with the the standard Implantable Micro Identification™ (IMI) transponder. Operate the RR-6005 Smart Probe with the Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder™(IPTT) and the read/write non-temperature sensitive IPT.