A Flexible Handheld Scanner and Wireless Module Expands Your Data Collection Options

If you’d like to roam up to a 100 feet with your Smart Probe from a reader-programmer and transmit your RF data wirelessly, the DAS-7006/7s Handheld is your best option.

100 feet of transmission! Want to collect data without a mobile cart or connected by cable to reader-programmer? The wireless communications module possesses a transmission distance range up to 100 feet around corners, allowing you to collect data with the Smart Probe and transmit it wirelessly back to the module.

Transmit to your PC and DAS-8000 readers. Expand your handheld scanner and wireless module into a more sophisticated data collection system by connecting the DAS-7006/7s to personal computers, a USB keyboard and other digital devices using the wireless communications module’s data ports. Connect the DAS-7006/7s port to BMDS 8000 series data processors and wireless communications module will transmit collected data directly into data processor.

Data formatting with DASHost. You can use the BMDS software program DASHost to remotely control Smart Probes, including creating data collection configurations through a PC and importing data into popular spreadsheet products. applications. DASHost provides a convenient interface of menus enabling you to view and change the DAS-7007s’s settings such as establishing data delimiters, date and time stamping and audio preferences. You can also use DASHost to setup and access map files you’ve created to organize your own ID codes you’ve programmed into the Smart Probes. Easily clear a map that was sent to a Smart Probe as well as enable the Probe to transfer a map file to a PC.

Programming/Writing with the DAS-7007s. With the DAS-7007s, you can write, edit and lock data in the “read/write” Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder (IPTT) or its non-temperature sensitive IPT version using DASHost. Use the Auto Mode in DASHost to automatically “write” ID codes for a group of transponders.

Select temperature mode with the DAS-7007s. The DAS-7007s allows you to simultaneously read an Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder (IPTT) ID code and temperature and define the temperature units (Celsius or Fahrenheit)  you want to use.

Download data records. Download any stored records out of the USB serial port (or USB keyboard port) to a PC program via the Wireless Communications Module and DASHost software.

Smart Firmware updates. BMDS provides firmware updates to the software program that controls the operations of the Smart Probes.