Simplify your workflow with an integrated data acquisition system.

It fits in the palm of your hand. The DAS-8001 Console features a small ergonomic form factor and an innovative design for desktop and portable applications. With a smart memory card system and expanded integration with your peripheral devices, the DAS-8001 Console System makes collecting and managing your transponder data easier than ever.

Transmit to almost any peripheral. While engineered to be a fully-functional stand-alone device, the DAS-8001 also can serve as a hub in a larger data collection system by transmitting real-time or stored data to personal computers and other digital devices using the Console’s data ports. As the data is collected, users can define field delimiter, record delimiters, and the type of data to define as end of record.  Upon data output or transfer, the DAS-8001 can add a user created prefix, suffix and title to each type of data that is collected.  Output is along the usual routes; serial USB, keyboard USB, memory card transfer, or optional wireless transmission, and enables transponder data to be transferred directly into a word processing or spreadsheet document.

The wireless ZigBee protocol option can be either utilized as either an input or output port.  As an input, the unit receives transponder data from a handheld reader like the DAS-7006/7 (a wireless Smart Probe).  In that mode, the DAS-8001 is most likely stationary and connected to a computer.  As an output port, the unit sends data to a wireless BMDS communication module.  In that mode, the DAS-8001 is most likely mobile and transmitting data wirelessly back to a computer.  The wireless option can be added later. 

Many data sources—one database record.  The DAS-8001 functions as a dynamic database, collecting and storing data from many transponders, and the complete range of peripheral devices including weighing scales, electronic calipers, and barcode readers, or other devices.  The DAS-8001 formats all collected data into one database record, which you can store in internal memory, forward to a computer for storage, enter directly into fields of an application, or write to a memory card.  Incoming transponder data from Smart Probes is automatically date and time-stamped.  

Expand control with a keyboard connection. Connect a peripheral keyboard directly into the DAS-8001 to create a data collection task, enter long ID codes, program transponders and use the Memo feature to add notes and observations to data entries.

USB ports enable Macintosh and PDA compatibility. Plug the DAS-8001 into an Apple Macintosh or PDA and outputted data appears as a keystroke.

Smart Firmware updates. BMDS provides firmware updates to enhance the input/output data collection capabilities of the DAS-8001.

Designed for easy adoption. While offering a range of data programming and setup capabilities for the advanced user, with no more than a quick training session it’s easy for novice users to master basic data collection operations with the DAS-8001. A Smart Probe, connected to the DAS-8001, reads implanted or needle-based BMDS transponders and collects identification and temperature data—depending on the transponder model deployed. Easily legible data is visible on the unit’s four-line LCD screen with every scan. Each time a transponder is read or data measurements are entered, the new data appears on the screen as the previously entered data moves up a first line. Scrolling back and forth to review data is easy.