Wireless Reader System for IMI Micro-Transponders

Features & Benefits

Super Bright OLED Display

Separate Sequencing LED Indicating Active Scan providing Better Feedback to User

Hybrid Scanning Coils that Produces More Forward Read Zone.

Time and Date Stamp

Can Store 10,000 Collected Data Records

Ability to Store up to 10,000 Mapped IDs for Cross Reference

Full Menu Driven Setup with Password Protection

User Selectable Serial Port Parameters

Good Read and Data Transmit Indication

12 Volt International Power Supply for Recharging

Gold Contact Vertical Charging Cradle

Special Order: Direct Power and Charging via Barrel Connection

Battery: Two 3.7 Li-ion 3000mAH User Replaceable

Comes with Wireless Communications Module that has Both USB Serial and USB Keyboard Output

Wireless Over Secure P2P ZigBee Protocol 903MHz ISM Band (Industrial, Sci entific, Medical)

Special Order: Additional Wired USB Serial Port

Reader: 2.9” Wide by 2.0” High by 9.9” Long Data Module: 1.5” Wide by 0.9” High by 2.8” Long Charging Base Foot Print: 4.6” by 4.0”