The BMDS DAS-8010 represents the simplest and most compact of the available systems for interfacing to BMDS Smart Probes.

The DAS-8010 Smart Probe Interface is part of a two-piece system for getting and receiving data from BMDS Implantable 

Micro-Transponders. In use, it is connected and partnered to a BMDS Smart Probe; either an RSP-8004 probe for reading IMI Micro-transponders or an RSP-8005 probe for reading IPT- 300/IPTT-300 transponders. The DAS- 8010’s dual role is to provide clean isolated power to the probe while receiving the captured transponder data back from the probe. This transponder data is then formatted and sent out its various output data ports for connection to a computer or terminal. 

There are three data ports: USB Serial, USB Keyboard and RS232 Serial with a DB9 connector. There is LED indication for USB connection status and probe connection verification. In addition to verifying that the probe is properly connected, the DAS-8010 will automatically communicate with the probe upon power up to determine the probe serial and delimiter settings. Regardless of the serial baud rate, the unit will always buffer and transmit data via USB keyboard output at a slower HID (Human Interface Device) compatible data rate. 

As a two way interface, the DAS-8010 also enables serial communication directly to the probe. This allows access to all of the BMDS Smart Probe features and advanced functions via BMDS application software.

Click this link to download the 8000 Product Line Brochure.

Click this link to download the DAS-8010 RSP-8004 Manual

Click this link to download the DAS-8010 RSP-8005 Manual