DAS-Host and Das-Host 8000

DAS-Host Splash Screen

Make Your PC a Data Hub with BMDS Smart Probes.

Seamlessly transfer data from BMDS Smart Probe scanners to your PC. Powerful yet easy-to-use software tools to receive, translate and route your lab data.

Easy integration of data. Managing your lab data has never been easier! DASHost communications software integrates data from BMDS Smart Probe scanners and transfers it to Windows-compatible personal computers. Use a simple menu to receive, control and route data from various sources such as transponders, scales and calipers. Save the data to a DASHost file or insert it directly into widely used applications such as popular spreadsheet products.

Use your keyboard to transfer data to any application. You can route data through your keyboard, making DASHost a software form of a “keyboard wedge.” Simply connect your keyboard, select the ‘Keyboard’ option and your PC treats data from the scanner just like data typed at a keyboard. For example, if you want the data to be routed into a popular spreadsheet application document, set your delimiters and formula and DASHost enables the data to flow into the appropriate cells and performs the calculation at the time of a scan.

Program and edit transponders. DASHost allows you to program, edit or lock data on BMDS Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder (IPTT) or the read/write non-temperature sensitive IPT.

Data mapping made easy. Want to use your own ID codes instead of preset factory installed codes on standard ‘read-only‘ transponders? With DASHost, you can create mapped codes that are stored as a cross-reference file and that can be up to 16 characters long.


BMDS offeres 2 versions, Das-Host v. 2.1.8 for 6000, 7000 readers, and DAS-Host 8000 for the 8000 series of readers. 


DASHost 8000 Manual